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About Lindora, Inc.

Lindora was founded in 1971 by Marshall Stamper, MD.

Motivated by the loss of his mother, who died of obesity-related complications, Dr. Stamper pioneered a comprehensive, results-oriented program that helped patients lose weight rapidly and safely, while changing their physiology so they could maintain their healthy new weight.

Lindora’s Lean for Life® program has since helped hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Lean for Life is a medically-based, clinically-proven nutritional program combined with individualized lifestyle adjustment. People acquire the guidance, knowledge and tools they need to become—and then stay—Lean for Life.

Lindora has 35 medical clinics located throughout Southern California. Now, the very same medical weight control program offered in these clinics is available to you at Lindora Health Clinic, located in select Rite Aid pharmacies. When you’re serious about losing weight, it’s time to come to Lindora Health Clinic.

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